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     Manage Assistant    [2018-5-23 15:34:43]
    Place:  ZhaoQing
    Salary:  Negotiable
    Number:  1
    Sex:  Femail
    Age:  >24
    Job Description:

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Assist the project team to quote to customers, as well as bidding documents made
    2. Record all the project record, including all the loss jobs, market information
    3. Ensure all the process of contract implementation
    4. Other responsibilities as required

    Job Requirements:
    1. Work at least 3 days per week
    2. Be familiar with Office Software
    3. Cautious & Careful
    4. Great English at both written & speaking skills
    5. Good working attitude, could working under pressure
    6. Teamwork spirit, can-do attitude and result orientation